Let us know your business
It’s going on here.

We are in orbit. In this circuit, everyone starts a flow in their own language to turn on the lights of your business.


1. Turn on the light!

He is still the first person to turn on the company’s lights.
A small circuit closed and the first circuit light came on.
The imazh was formed.
Mojtaba Rezaeinia; He is the director and founder of Imazh Advertising Company and after eight years of experience in managing advertising company, he created image.
Mojtaba is a mainstream and permanent imazh circuit. If we are to suffice with the word manager to introduce him, it may not be enough. He has created a working lifestyle in the current image team.


2. Sees and records images in the circuit!

With the exception of a pair of eyes he takes home with him, several others line up in the imazh and photo studio to see and record everything.
Peyman Tavakoli, the director of the Imazh Advertising Center Studio, with seven years of effort and experience in this field, defines your business story with small lenses.


Laia’s Glasses and Mohammad Ali record many frames of the company’s daily life.
Laia Khalilian and Mohammad Ali Tavousi are collaborating with Peyman in the film studio.


3. Burning circuit!

There is no cold and quiet room every day after they enter the company. The idea of fuel is needed to move this circuit, which is produced by the team of Imazh, Elham, Vahid, Laia and Mahsa Fooladi.
Vahid Kanani, Head of Digital Marketing, shapes your business in the virtual world.
Elham Mottaqifard, the team leader of the idea team and the author of our team, creates and narrates your story.


4. Click!

They understand their language and explain everything to them!
In their room web development, lights, light and brightness gives 404 error and in their own words: Dark mood on.
If we see them in the mornings before they start their business, by the end of the day no one will see the kids of the web, or rather the idiots of the company, because they sit in front of their laptops all day and translate your business story into computer.
Ali Khalilian, Director of Web Imazh Development, with five years of experience in this field, understands the language of computers well and takes your business to their world.


Mohammad Mehdi Sabet and Morteza Rezaeinia collaborate in imazh web development.


5 .Makes!

In your real world!
The swallow brings all the green colors of the company and tells them the greenness of the company.
She is a green imazh girl who, with her arrival every day, seems to add a few people.

Parasto Tavakoli helps you create space in the field of architecture and interior decoration design of the imazh.


6 .Draws!

Draws on the white screen.
He patiently listens to everything that goes on in this circuit and all the ideas that have grown up in our minds and takes them from the chamber of the mind to the white paper.

Ramin Rousta, with ten years of experience, graphic designer of the advertising center, creates the imazh, color and shape of your business on the page.

Did you close your circuit ?!

If you close your circuit well, the light of your business will light up.

The imazh team is happy to meet you and is by your side to create advertising for your business.


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